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This map is the first partnership between Adam Matthew Group and Axis Maps LLC exploring both the place and space of Victorian London through historic data and primary source documents. While the words "space" and "place" may be used synonymously, they represent two different sides of this map and two different questions we hope to answer as you use it.

Space, or "Which areas of Victorian London are most similar / different to each other (and how did that change over time)?"

The 19th century was a dynamic time for London and its population and we wanted to let you explore that by the numbers. Organized by Metropolitan Board of Works district, you can see how and where the population of London changed over 100 years. We've also included the locations of social institutions throughout London as their locations help us understand how the city tried to cope with the changing nature of its urban population.

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Tallis Street Views are detailed engravings that have been processed to simulate a 3D environment. They provide a unique opportunity for you to place yourself inside a map of Victorian London and look around.

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